Henley friendly 2017

A coach party of players and supporters from Brentwood Bowling Club visited Henley in Oxfordshire for a friendly on Sunday 10th September 2017.

Five rinks were in play and Brentwood won on three with an overall score of 105 – 80, a similar outcome to the last time the clubs met in 2015 when Brentwood won by 29 shots.

Traditionally, the visit to Henley has always been blessed with glorious sunshine but this year the weather was a sharp contrast. There was a chilly breeze and overcast skies when the party arrived at 10.30am and most people were glad to curtail their trips into town and return to the clubhouse to take shelter.

With rain forecast, play started half an hour early but it wasn’t long before players were rushing off the green to get their waterproofs.

They persevered for the full 21 ends and were only too happy to get indoors to enjoy a post-match meal.

Henley’s vice-captain Andy Scott welcomed the visitors and thanked them for loaning five players to make up numbers. He proposed a toast, saying: “I think we did very well to complete the match.”

Brentwood men’s captain Fred Wasmuth responded and after the usual thank-yous, he announced that his own team including Maureen Jaycock, Les Powell and Ted Vidler were top rink and he presented them with gifts – tea towels for the men and coasters for the ladies.

Other players in the Brentwood party were: Alison Hare, Brian Martin, Kate Davies, Geoff Byatt, Ann Powell, Tom Clark, Maureen Murrell, Richard Rose, Ken Collins, Barbara Morrish, Sandra Fenton, Ron Lofts, Daphne Gilbert, Marina Thorne, Trevor Watson, Cliff Jaycock and Byron Davies.

Brentwood players on loan to Henley were Margaret Rayment, Trevor Pedley, Kath Jolly, Marion Lofts and Joan Stevenson.

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