Dovercourt friendly

More than 40 players and supporters from Brentwood Bowling Club travelled by coach for the first-ever friendly against Dovercourt on Sunday 11th September 2016.

The party arrived in the Essex seaside resort at around 10.30am and made the most of a superb sunny day by exploring the waterfront and its facilities. The more adventurous walked a couple of miles into historic Harwich where 5,000 bikers were being welcomed at the end of the 17th annual Essex Air Ambulance Motorcycle Run.

Two players got back to the bowling club with just a couple of minutes to spare after a serious road accident led to road closures at Phoenix Bridge in Harwich as 999 services including an air ambulance crew dealt with the incident.

WINNING RINK:From left, Geoff Byatt, Pam Robinson, Maureen Murrell, Rose Collins and Brian Martin.
WINNING RINK: From left, Geoff Byatt, Pam Robinson, Maureen Murrell, Rose Collins and Brian Martin.

The game got under way on time with six rinks in play and after 21 ends of nip and tuck, the host club snatched victory by 123 to 120 shots.

At a post-match tea in the pavilion, Dovercourt president Ben Vernaven proposed a toast to the visitors saying: “As a club, it is the first time we have met and I think it has been successful.”

He added with a smile: “I haven’t seen any fighting on the green – only laughter – so it must have been successful.”

Brentwood men’s captain Richard Rose responded and gave a special vote of thanks to Brentwood ladies’ captain Margaret Rayment for organising the outing.

He presented gifts to players on his highest winning rink – skip Geoff Byatt, Maureen Murrell (three), Brian Martin (two), and leads Rose Collins and Pam Robinson who each played half a game.

Richard wryly dismissed any possible suggestion that the victors may have been helped by the fact that Brentwood’s Kate Davies had stepped in to skip for the losing opposition team who were a player short.

The other Brentwood teams were:Trevor Watson, Brenda Watson, Ron Jolly and Ron Lofts (skip); Patrick Miller, Joan Stevenson, Ann Powell and Fred Wasmuth (skip); Ken Collins, Marion Lofts, Derek Robinson and Maureen Jaycock (skip); Pam Baker, Cliff Jaycock, Sandra Fenton and Richard Rose (skip); Daphne Gilbert, Kath Jolly, Barbara Morrish and Byron Davies (skip).

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