Brentwood retain Centenary Plate

Brentwood retained the Centenary Plate after a convincing win in the second leg of the annual friendly against Southend-based Essex County on Sunday 12th August 2018.

TROPHY PRESENTATION: Brentwood men’s captain Fred Wasmuth, right, receives the Centenary Plate from Essex County captain-for-the-day Paul Johnson.

Brentwood were six points down going into the final leg on their home green where they powered to a 34-shot victory, with a combined score of 157 – 129.

In the second leg, Brentwood’s top rink players were Brian Martin, Margaret Rayment, Ted Vidler and Fred Wasmuth with a shot difference of 25.

Other teams were: Rob Funnell, Janet Howson, Trevor Pedley, Maureen Jaycock; Keith Howson, Joan Stevenson, Peter Snith, Ron Lofts; James Nolan, Marion Lofts, Cliff Jaycock, Keith Newberry.

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