Friends keep a secret

In the true spirit of friendship and to avoid any red faces, team captains agreed not to divulge the result of the men’s annual friendly between Brentwood and Grays-based Drums BC on Thursday 26th April 2018.

This time around, Brentwood players couldn’t even blame the greens which had been officially tested earlier in the day when one veteran member commented that he’d never known them to be in better condition … even at the height of the season!

Brentwood captain Fred Wasmuth gave a clue to the outcome when he revealed: “We lost rather miserably!”

He said Drums had only 16 members available so borrowed players from neighbouring Thurrock BC to make up the teams. The visitors also assisted Brentwood by providing another player to replace Rob Dellar who had to pull out earlier.

By the end of the game, the weather had turned quite cold so the teams were delighted to learn that Brentwood hostess Viv had a choice of three hot soups on the supper menu followed by a selection of Danish pastries.

Fred congratulated the visitors and wished them a good season, adding that Brentwood were looking forward to the return visit in 2019.

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