Why teatime got posh makeover

Chaos was narrowly averted when an inter-club competition trophy went missing shortly before it was due to be presented.

Brentwood and Southend-based Essex County have played an annual contest for a silver plate since 2008, the year both clubs celebrated their centenaries.

Essex County bowls captain Bob Westley, left, hands the Centenary Plate to Fred Wasmuth.
PRESENTATION: Bob Westley, left, hands the Centenary Plate to Fred Wasmuth.

For the past four years it has been won by Essex County and it was brought to Brentwood on Sunday 13th August for this year’s competition.

It was left on a table in the pavilion at King George’s Playing Fields as visiting captain Bob Westley and Brentwood men’s captain Fred Wasmuth sat down to sort out team scorecards.

As the competition was under way, tables were laid for tea and when players from rink 11 retired to the pavilion and sat down Brentwood ladies’ match secretary Ann Powell spotted the trophy.

She said: “It was in the middle of our table with a stainless steel teapot on it. For a minute, I thought we’d got posh teapot stands, then I realised it was the Centenary Plate.”

When players had stopped laughing, they rescued the silverware and quietly passed it to the top table in time for the formal presentation.

The competition is played in two legs – one at home and one away – and after the first leg at Southend on 18th June, Brentwood were two shots down. But they turned the tables in the second leg when they powered to victory with an overall score of 95 – 57.

Fred Wasmuth welcomed players to the event and both captains presented gifts to players on their top winning rinks. Fred also presented a bottle of wine to his counterpart who joked: “Well done Brentwood – it’s about time. The closest we came to you was in the car park!”

Brentwood winning rink: Ken Collins, Daphne Gilbert, Margaret Rayment, Fred Wasmuth.

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