Gala Day washout

The annual ladies’ gala day had to be abandoned on Wednesday 9th August 2017 when the south-east was lashed by torrential rain.

Forecasters got it wrong when they said the storms would arrive in the afternoon. In fact, the rain swept in shortly after play got under way at 10am and the 24 teams played just one game and a couple of ends of their second games when play was abandoned.

Tea and coffee was served as players waited for lunch which was served early.

Ladies’ captain Margaret Rayment thanked everyone for their support and announced that the prize money would be donated to charity.

WASHOUT: The top green was quickly waterlogged .
DOWNPOUR: Players take shelter as the lower green floods.
ABANDONED: Players left their bowls on the rink as they dashed for cover.

Photos by Fred Wasmuth

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