Drinks are on Trevor

Thursday 13th July proved to be a busy, successful and expensive day for Brentwood men’s vice-captain Trevor Pedley.

In the afternoon he was pleased to field a full squad of 12 in the Clockhouse Trophy competition against Rainham after some last-minute arm twisting.

Since the squad hadn’t been living up to expectations he had promised to stand a round of drinks if and when they won on all three rinks. That moment arrived about 4.30 after a nailbiting finish on rink 4 where skip Byron Davies drew his last wood to the jack to ensure a win by 21 – 19, turning a potential two-point deficit to a one-shot victory.

The other two rinks won with ease 19 – 10 and 26 – 9 and congratulations are due to Peter Smith, Trevor Watson and Dave Morris led by Ted Vidler; Dave Sach, Keith Howson and Mike Patrick led by John Young; and to Pat Miller, Alan Medcraft and Trevor Pedley with Byron Davies.

Following that, Trevor and Ted Vidler travelled to Liberty Bowling Club to play Barry Williams and Mike Amato in the Group 4 unbadged two-wood pairs competition. Previously Ted and Trevor had had a walkover in the first round whilst Barry and his partner had beaten a strong duo from Upminster.

Conditions were ideal with both the weather and the playing surface making it a real joy to bowl. In a very tight match, the Brentwood pair came through 18 – 14 after 21 ends to join Fred Wasmuth and Paul Topley in the next round.

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