Competition Winners latest

Apart from two ladies’ competitions to be played at later dates, the 2014 results are as follows:

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Ladies’ Competitions

Winner: Ann Betts
Runner-up: Pam Robinson

Fixed Jack
Winner: Ann Betts
Runner-up: Kath Jolly

Two Wood Cup
Winner: Ann Betts
Runner-up: Kate Davies

Winner: Maureen Jaycock
Runner-up: Patricia Ould

Winners: Daphne Gilbert, Ann Betts
Runners-up: Kath Jolly, Margaret Rayment

Club Triples (played as pairs)
Winners: Maureen Jaycock, Kath Jolly
Runners-up: Daphne Gilbert, Marje Shute

Championship (to be played)
Finalists: Maureen Jaycock, Brenda Watson

Jubilee (to be played)
Finalists: Marje Shute, Brenda Watson

Mixed Competitions

Olive and George Richards Trophy
Winners: Marina Thorne, Cliff Jaycock, Richard Rose
Runners-up: Ann Betts, Brian Martin, Ron Jolly

Winners: Ann Betts, John Howard
Runners-up: Maureen Jaycock, Fred Wasmuth

Ted Hasler Trophy
Winners: Kath Jolly, Geoff Byatt
Runners-up: Daphne Gilbert, Ron Jolly

His & Hers
Winners: Kath and Ron Jolly
Runners-up: Maureen and Cliff Jaycock

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Men’s Competitions

Winner: Richard Rose
Runner-up: Adam Smith

Junior Championship
Winner: Fred Wasmuth
Runner-up: John Young

Stewart Cup
Winner: Brian Martin
Runner-up: Dave Sach

Fixed Jack
Winner: Adam Smith
Runner-up: Fred Wasmuth

Pratt Singles
Winner: Adam Smith
Runner-up: John Howard

Winner: Ron Lofts
Runner-up: Geoff Byatt

Andre Pairs
Winners: Dave Sach, Ron Lofts
Runners-up: Trevor Pedley, Fred Wasmuth

Canfield Pairs
Winners: Roy Akers, John Howard
Runners-up: Roy Francis, Fred Wasmuth

Ted Cook Pairs
Winners: Trevor Pedley, John Howard
Runners-up: Stuart Lawson, Keith Newberry

Jubilee Shield
Winner: Geoff Byatt
Runner-up: Ron Waller

Jubilee Plate
Winner: Ron Jolly
Runner-up: Fred Wasmuth

Ron Morrish Trophy
Winners: Ken Collins, Brian Martin, Geoff Byatt


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