Centenary hopes dashed

Brentwood Bowling Club beat Southend-based Essex County by two shots in the return leg of the Centenary Plate competition at King George’s Playing Fields on Sunday 17th August.

But the four Brentwood teams started the day chasing an 11-shot first-round deficit and their 64 – 62 victory was not enough to lift the trophy.

Four rinks of triples were in play on Sunday when captain-for-the-day Byron Davies had the honour of presenting his wife Kate’s team with a top rink award. She was skip alongside Janet Howson (lead) and Trevor Pedley who finished the day 10 shots clear of their opponents.

Other teams: Daphne Gilbert, Brian Martin, Marje Shute; Stuart Lawson, Joan Stevenson, Byron Davies; Keith Howson, Ann Betts, Geoff Byatt.

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