Friendly v Worthing

A coach party of players and supporters from Brentwood Bowling Club headed to the south coast on Saturday 21st June for a friendly against Worthing Pavilion Bowling Club.

Ken Collins, left, Paul Harrison and skip Maureen Jaycock won 23 - 7 to collect Brentwood's top rink awards.
PRIZE TIME: Ken Collins, left, Paul Harrison and skip Maureen Jaycock won 23 – 7 to collect Brentwood’s top rink awards.

The group made the most of the glorious weather on the longest day of the year by spending a couple of hours exploring the town and seafront before continuing their journey to the club for an enjoyable afternoon of bowling.

Seven teams – five rinks and two triples – were in action and although we lost overall by 140 – 118 shots, our players celebrated victory on two rinks. And Brentwood’s Derek Robinson had the distinction of playing for the winning side as he had volunteered to make numbers up by playing for Worthing!

After a post-match meal, our men’s captain Richard Rose thanked the hosts for their hospitality and paid tribute to our ladies’ captain Margaret Rayment for her hard work in organising the outing. Richard also presented small clocks to players on Brentwood’s winning rink – Ken Collins, Paul Harrison and skip Maureen Jaycock.

Teams: Trevor Pedley, Trish Ould, Brian Martin, Byron Davies; Roy Akers, Ann Betts, Geoff Cope, Richard Rose; Daphne Gilbert, John Young, Julie Dixon, Geoff Byatt; Brenda Watson, Kate Davies, Cliff Jaycock, Ron Jolly; Pam Robinson, Margaret Rayment, Fred Wasmuth; Ron Waller, Rose Collins, Ian Watson, Barbara Morrish; Ken Collins, Paul Harrison, Maureen Jaycock.

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