2013 Annual Meeting

Newer members have helped Brentwood Bowling Club men’s section to achieve greater success in the Clockhouse Trophy and boosted performance in other leagues, says captain Richard Rose.

Men's captain Richard Rose
Men’s captain Richard Rose

In his report to the annual general meeting on Sunday 17th November, he said it had not been a brilliant year. ‘We survived in the first division of the RBA by the skin of our teeth, avoiding relegation only on shot difference,

‘A bottom-of-the-table finish in the RBA Shield was better than it seemed where we successfully managed to integrate a number of our newer players into the team, We also managed to creep into the top half of the BDBA first division.

‘In my view, our best league performance was in the Clockhouse Trophy where we finished slightly higher in the table than normal but, more importantly, we successfully fulfilled all our fixtures – as against last year – with the aid of our newer bowlers. In this respect, credit must go to John Howard’s efforts with help from Geoff Byatt and Brian Martin.

‘Outside of the leagues, our best performance was in reaching the quarter finals of the County Double Fours. On the way, we beat both Romford sides and narrowly lost to Kings Chase who went on to reach the final. We also reached the final of the Morton Trophy, unfortunately failing to to retain the trophy which we won last year.’

Richard said the club had a disappointing year in outside individual competions but noted that an outstanding performance was achieved by Les Powell who reached the final of the county Group Four Unbadged Singles. Richard himself was also successful in keeping the RBA Silver Jubilee in Brentwood hands, following last year’s win by Byron Davies.

Richard thanked his vice-captain Fred Wasmuth for his great help throughout the year and concluded by extending a welcome to all new bowlers ‘who have made a significant difference to our playing strength’.


President – Byron Davies; chairman – John Howard; captain – Richard Rose; vice-captain – Fred Wasmuth; secretary – Ron Waller; treasurer – Peter Hayward; match secretary – Cliff Jaycock; competition secretary – Mark Rose; press officer – Les Powell; committee members – Brian Martin, Trevor Pedley; selection committee – John Howard, Adam Smith, Brian Martin, Rob Dellar, Ron Lofts, Geoff Byatt; auditors – Richard Rose, John Howard; county delegate – Richard Rose; Group Four delegate – Geoff Byatt; RBA delegates – Richard Rose, Ron Waller, Fred Wasmuth; BDBA delegates – Rob Dellar, Colin Peak; Clockhouse delegate – Cliff Jaycock; PMC delegates – Richard Rose, Byron Davies, Fred Wasmuth.

Points from the meeting

  • Clubhouse improvements are being proposed, subject to grant funding – FW
  • It was a good year for recruitment of new members – CP
  • New blood needed on the social committe, please put your name forward – CP
  • Open Triples day was very successful thanks to efforts of Fred Wasmuth – CP
  • Financially successful year – revenue up £3,000, expenditure up by only £485 – PH
  • Hoping to reinstate friendly v Drums at start of season – CJ
  • Elm Park has dropped out of 2014 RBA Triples league, leaving five teams in first division – RR
  • BDBA games to start no later than 6pm (5.30pm in May and August) – CP
  • Ashford Cup trial will be at Liberty on 11th May -RR
  • Concern about ditch boards on lower green which may not meet standard for county games in 2014. Efforts are being made to expedite replacement which may have to be carried out by a working party – RR, FW
  • Reminder: Bar is open from 9pm-ish Friday night and Sunday lunchtimes – FW
  • Reminder – Next ‘Second Sunday’ meet-up with nibbles will be from 1pm on 15th December (not the 8th). Everybody welcome – LP
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