Trolley good show Richard!

Brentwood Bowling Club captain Richard Rose was horrified when he made a last-minute check of his bowls kit as he was about to set off to represent Essex in a match against Warwickshire.

His trolley-case should have contained his cherished blue Thomas Taylor woods which he has been using all season with great success. Instead, he found someone else’s black woods.

To his dismay, it transpired that he and an opposition player with an identical bowls case had taken each other’s kit after a local league match at Brentwood the previous evening.

Brentwood Bowling Club' captain Richard Rose with his prized blue woods.
LOST AND FOUND: Brentwood Bowling Club captain Richard Rose with his prized blue woods.

Richard said: “I was just about to leave for Rugby when I realised there had been a mix-up so there wasn’t a lot I could do about it.”

His car journey north was delayed as he frantically searched his home for a set of old bowls and a spare pair of bowling shoes.

Fortunately, he got to the fixture on time and clearly had no trouble bonding with his old woods again. Not only did he help Essex to a convincing victory, he was a member of his county’s winning rink of four players who also had the rare distinction of scoring a hotshot – all eight woods in the count – on one end their game.

Richard said with a smile: “After that result, I might have to consider bringing my old woods out of retirement permanently!”

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