Annual Awards 2012

Brentwood Bowling Club members have been honoured at the presentation of awards at the annual dinner held in the Clubhouse on Saturday 3rd November 2012.

Club President Byron Davies congratulated award winners and gave a vote of thanks to everyone who had worked so hard to make the event a huge success.

He revealed that this year’s winner of the prestigious Clubman of the Year Award was Barbara Morrish and he paid tribute to her tremendous contribution to the club.

Ladies’ awards were presented by Captain Margaret Rayment, assisted by Competition Secretary Anne Rose. With the exception of the Ron Morrish Trophy, men’s awards were presented by Captain Richard Rose. The Ron Morrish Trophy and runners-up awards were presented by Barbara Morrish.

Award Winners

Clubman of the Year
Winner: Barbara Morrish

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Ladies’ Section

Winner: Kath Jolly
Runner-up: Alison Dartnell

Winner: Kate Davies
Runner-up: Maureen Jaycock

Winner: Kate Davies
Runner-up: Ann Betts

Fixed Jack
Winner: Pam Robinson
Runner-up: Maureen Jaycock

Two Wood Cup
Winner: Kath Jolly
Runner-up: Maureen Jaycock

Winner: Jean Kaye
Runner-up: Kate Davies

Winners: Pam Robinson, Margaret Rayment
Runners-up: Brenda Watson, Joan Wiggins

Winners: Kath Jolly, Ron Lofts
Runners-up: Julie Dixon, Steve Shute

Club Triples (Pairs)
Winners: Margaret Rayment, Jean Kaye
Runners-up: Marion Lofts, Alison Dartnell

Olive and George Richards Trophy
Winners: Kate Davies, Cliff Jaycock, Alan Pool
Runners-up: Ann Betts, John Kaye, Maureen Jaycock

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Men’s Section

Winner: Adam Smith
Runner-up: Ron Lofts

Junior Championship
Winner: Brian Martin
Runner-up: Dave Wiggins

Stewart Cup
Winner: Adam Smith
Runner-up: Richard Rose

Fixed Jack
Winner: Adam Smith
Runner-up: Keith Newberry

Pratt Singles
Winner: Adam Smith
Runner-up: Richard Rose

Winner: Keith Newberry
Runner-up: Geoff Byatt

Andre Pairs
Winners: Dave Wiggins, Byron Davies
Runners-up: Brian Martin, Fred Wasmuth

Canfield Pairs
Winners: Brian Martin, Geoff Byatt
Runners-up: Colin Peak, Eric Wakefield

His & Hers
Winners: Ian and Brenda Watson
Runners-up: Byron and Kate Davies

Ted Cook Pairs
Winners: Brian Martin, John Howard
Runners-up: Les Powell, Geoff Byatt

Jubilee Shield
Winner: Fred Wasmuth
Runner-up: Keith Newberry

Jubilee Plate
Winner: Ron Lofts
Runner-up: John Howard

Ted Hasler Trophy
Winners: Rose Collins, Steve Shute, Ron Lofts
Runners-up: Geoff Byatt, Ken Collins, Jean Kaye

Ron Morrish Trophy
Winners: Ron Lofts, Fred Wasmuth
Runners-up: Steve Shute, Ken Collins

Most Promising New Bowler
Winner: Les Powell


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